Stand Up and Do Your Work

This semester, two new pieces of furniture are causing quite the stir in room 004. OK, they’re not new. They’re what can euphemistically be described as vintage. I won’t say they’re as old as the WPA-era building I call home, but let’s not kid ourselves into thinking new furniture is in the budget.

Go ahead and ignore the completely blank bulletin board in the background. It’s a work in progress. For the past year or so. Stop judging me.

I’ve succumbed to the craze that swept through corporate America something approximately ten years ago (I’m not a trend-setter) and introduced standing desks to my classroom.

Standing desks have found a home in elementary schools; I’ve seen them in action. I haven’t, however, seen standing desks at the secondary level outside of special education resource rooms. I can only venture a guess as to why. Preliminary studies hint at potential cognitive (and possibly academic) benefits in adolescents, but in my experience and observations, the concept hasn’t made its way to the standard 7th-12th grade learning environment just yet.

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