To All the Teachers’ Kids

To all the teachers’ kids out there… the little kids hanging out in the too-big desks, the big kids hanging out in the too-small desks, the kids who have to suffer overhearing how their mom is the worst teacher ever, or more horrifyingly, how their mom is the best teacher ever, the kids who forget and call their dad’s colleague-friends by their first names and get gently reminded that this isn’t Friday-Evening-Unofficial-Staff-Wine-And-Whine but rather seventh period social studies, the kids who spend the waning days of their summer vacation in stifling classrooms, “helping” (or at least staying out of the way), the kids who watch movies on Dad’s classroom projector while he grades and plans, the kids who fall asleep to the quiet glow and muted clickety-clack of Mom’s computer because she’s got a lot of work to get done, but wants to spend just a few more minutes with you before you fall asleep, the kids who roll their eyes at all the school library discard books brought home to bulk up the home library, the kids whose parent-conferences are always on a different night than the other kids because Mom has conferences with her own students’ parents that night, the kids who pretend not to notice the teacher’s manual with all the answers to their math problems just sitting on the kitchen table, and the kids who know full well that teachers have lives outside of the classroom:

To you, I say thanks. Thanks for sharing your mom or dad (or mom and dad) with a whole bunch of other kids.

A Teacher Parent


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